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Spring Cleaning: 10 Things You Probably Haven’t Cleaned In Years

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Not Cleaning These Spaces Regularly Could Be Making You, Your Employees, and Your Guests Sick!

We know you try your best to keep your spaces clean. But there are a lot of nooks and crannies in every business that can be easy to forget about during the cleaning process. 

These neglected areas are just as important to clean. Keeping easy to see areas and surfaces clean is ideal for first impressions, but most customers, visitors, and employees appreciate when your spaces are more than just superficially clean

A deeper clean helps keep your building environment welcoming and healthy for everyone. Plus, it helps prolong the life of your fixtures, flooring, and furniture! 

Let’s dive into the ten most forgotten about spaces businesses forget to clean, plus why you should hire a commercial cleaning service. 

1 | Vents and Ductwork

Dust and debris can accumulate in your vents and ductwork. Not only does this lead to reduced airflow, but it creates unhealthy indoor air quality that can irritate allergies. Regular cleaning of your HVAC system and components can help maintain healthy indoor air quality for employees and guests, something that is especially important for those with allergies. 

2 | Light Fixtures

How often do you look up at your light fixtures? When was the last time you dusted your floor, table, and desk lamps? Dust often builds up on light fixtures, especially those that aren’t routinely in our line of site. This buildup can make them look gross, but it also affects the quality of light they emit. Regular cleaning of your light fixtures can also help you catch any wiring issues before they damage your fixtures or electrical system.

3 | Furniture and Upholstery 

We all know that under the sofa cushions is a great place to find spare change. The chairs and sofas in your lobby could be hiding things too. In fact, the amount of dust and dirt accumulation on and under your upholstery may shock you! Regular cleaning of your furniture, window dressings, and other upholstered items can increase their longevity. 

4 | Door Knobs and Switch Plates

These hot spots get touched hundreds or even thousands of times throughout the day. Not only can they get grimy, but they are magnets for germs as well. While you may be cleaning these surfaces, are you really cleaning them often enough? Probably not! 

5 | Walls, Baseboards, and Moulding

These vertical surfaces can actually accumulate a lot of dirt and grime, especially textured wallpaper, molding, and baseboards. This grime and dust can contribute to poor indoor air quality. 

6 | Trash Cans

You probably take the trash out and put in a fresh liner, but germs and bacteria can actually build up inside the trash can even when you use liners. A regular scrub down can help keep them clean and healthier.

7 | Under and Behind Large Furniture

Moving large filing cabinets or sofas to clean under probably isn’t regularly on your to-do list. But you’d be surprised at the amount of dust and debris that can accumulate in these spaces in a short amount of time. Just think of the puff of dust that gets pushed out every time an employee shuts a filing cabinet with any force. Yuck!

8 | Stairs and Elevators

Stairs and elevators see a lot of foot traffic, causing a lot of dirt and debris to build up in the little corners and nooks. Not only that but hands and fingers are constantly touching the railings and buttons. Elevator buttons are actually some of the germiest hot spots in a business, and simply wiping them down isn’t enough. 

9 | Office Plants 

Whether they are fake or real, dust and cobwebs can accumulate on the leaves of office plants that need to be wiped clean. Not to mention that real plants shed leaves, which can make your building seem untidy.

10 | Computers, Printers, and Copiers

Finally, the electrical equipment in your office, such as laptops, desktop computers, keyboards, mice, printers, and copiers all accumulate dust, germs, and bacteria, making them hot spots for spreading illness. Electrical equipment such as this, or specialized lab equipment, needs a particular type of cleaning equipment to disinfect them without ruining your equipment. 

Why Commercial Cleaning Services Help

Your schedule is jam packed with to-dos. Having to worry about creating a cleaning schedule plus ordering more cleaning supplies or maintenance of specialized equipment can take up your precious time. But a commercial cleaning service does all the hard work for you! 

At AK Building Services, we know the ins and outs of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. We know how often you should deep clean different items and we have a checklist of things to clean so we never forget anything! Plus, we have the specialized tools and solutions to clean and disinfect all of the different spaces and surfaces in your building–including computers and other specialized equipment! We can help you keep all your spaces clean and healthy year round! Learn more about our cleaning services, including our medical grade and green cleaning services!

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