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Auto Dealership Cleaning: Why Regular Cleaning Services Matters

Professional cleaning company starts auto dealership cleaning services after hours.

A sparkling storefront and a welcoming atmosphere set the tone for customer experience
whether you’re selling clothing, providing personal services, selling necessities or luxury items,
and a first impression is a lasting one. At AK Building Services, we maximize our auto dealership cleaning routine so that your dealership will always be ready to make a great first impression.

Shiny cars and spotless floors can make a big impression on customers, but so can a showroom covered with debris, dust, streaks, smudges, and handprints.

The first case tells the customer they are valued and important. It clearly sends the message that as a business, you take pride in your product lineup, are willing to maintain it and want to show it off in the best possible light.

But the latter implies a lack of attention to detail. While that might be all right if you run the local dollar store, but when dealing with the new vehicle market, entry-level products start at around $18,000 USD1. If the car dealership you’re visiting can’t be bothered to keep up with basic cleaning, you’ll probably start to wonder if that lack of attention will trickle down to future oil changes and OEM maintenance service schedules, too.

Consistent auto dealership cleaning improves your brand image. Your showroom reflects the image your brand to presents to the world. A clean and well-maintained space communicates professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. A messy one implies exactly the opposite. Boost your brand image and stand out from the competition when you commit to a daily cleaning regimen.

Daily cleaning efforts help to keep people healthy. Professional disinfection helps reduce the risk of illness. It also helps to improve air quality by eliminating molds, spores, dust, and allergens which can irritate sensitive respiratory systems and trigger allergic responses. When you keep up on your cleaning routine, auto dealerships can see a direct return on investment with less sick time for your workforce and a more pleasant experience for visitors overall. Professional cleaning companies use stronger decontamination protocols and chemicals. Regular cleaning, while a critical first step, might not be enough. Professional disinfecting services go a step further, utilizing hospital-grade disinfectants and targeted application methods to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses that lurk on surfaces.

Why You Should Invest in Auto Dealership Cleaning for Regular Cleaning

Hiring a reputable, reliable professional cleaning company is an investment in the health and well-being of your dealership. It fosters a clean and inviting environment for customers, improves employee morale, and reduces the risk of illness and accidents

The cleanliness requirements for your business are unique to your company. One size does not fit all and certain cleaning methods that work well for one customer does not guarantee it will work for everyone.

For over two and a half decades, AK Building Services has provided a full range of janitorial services to building owners and operators throughout Florida. Built on honesty, reliability and exceptional service, our company is proud to have forged strong, long-lasting relationships with many of Florida’s premiere businesses.

When you partner with AK Building Services, you gain a trusted ally who is well-versed and certified in the latest disinfection protocols who employs EPA-approved disinfectants proven effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens. Let the professionals at AK Building Services do the dirty auto dealership cleaning work so you can stay focused on the business of selling cars.

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