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Spotless Excellence: 6 Commonly Overlooked Car Showroom Cleaning Areas

A professional commercial cleaner perfects showroom cleaning by steaming and waxing the floors.

Welcome to the exciting world of car dealerships, where shiny cars, sleek showrooms, and the lingering scent of new leather await. But with Americans keeping their vehicles for longer periods of time and the cost of new vehicles hitting new highs, auto dealers have a high bar to hurdle before a sale goes through. That means every customer-facing area needs to be in top shape and that applies to an area much larger than the glittering showroom floor. At AK Building Services, we have refined our showroom cleaning standards to target the most critical areas a customer interacts with while visiting a car dealership.

6 Areas of Showroom Cleaning for Spotless Excellence:

Area of Influence 1: The Showroom

The crown jewel of every new car dealership, the showroom is where the magic happens, where gleaming cars take center stage and dreams of new rides come to life. But maintaining that showroom cleaning shine is no easy feat. From fingerprint-free windows to dust-free displays, every inch of this space needs to be meticulously cleaned to impress potential buyers. Nobody wants to buy a luxury sedan in a showroom that looks like it’s been hit by a dust storm! When you elevate the level of clean in your showroom, you tell your customers that a new car is no casual investment. It is a product worth the extra effort to dealers to keep them looking good and it’s worth the added sticker price to consumers.

Area of Influence 2: The Sales Floor and Financing Department

Everyone has seen cluttered desks and messy cubicles, but being greeted by coffee stains, and a layer of dust in a sales area is off-putting for any customer. Combine that with the high dollar figures associated with a new car transaction – not exactly the ideal setting for closing a sale, right? Keeping the sales floor and your financing department bright and clean is essential for creating a professional atmosphere that instills confidence in potential buyers. Help seal the deal by keeping desks free from clutter and well stocked with pens, paper, updated point-of-purchase materials, and manufacturer offers.

Area of Influence 3: The Service Department

Behind every shiny new car sale is a future revenue stream related to ongoing services and maintenance that will need to be performed for that new vehicle. A clean service department improves efficiency and productivity for the mechanics and techs. More importantly, it tells your customers that their health and comfort is a priority. Even the most talented team can’t perform their best work in a dirty, disorganized environment. That’s why the service department needs to be kept impeccable, with clean workstations, well-maintained equipment, and spotless floors and entryways.

Area of Influence 4: The Customer Lounge

Repairs and maintenance can take hours at a time, so keeping the customer lounge spotless is essential to creating a welcoming environment. But when the coffee pots are empty and the seating area is messy, every minute your customer spends wanting for something in your waiting room becomes another reason for them to walk out the door and not return. Refresh kitchen stations at regular intervals throughout the business day. Wipe down shared outlets, plugs and surfaces, keep reading materials neatly organized so your customer lounge is always ready to impress.

Area of Influence 5: Customer Restrooms

A clean and stocked restroom is key for customer satisfaction. It reflects professionalism and care, encouraging repeat visits. Empty supplies or unpleasant conditions can leave a bad impression, potentially leading customers elsewhere.

Area of Influence 6: The Kid’s Area

While you’re selling cars to adults, those same adults have children and how you welcome their kids can be just as important to reaching the bottom of the sales funnel as keeping the showroom spotless. Little fingers can be curious, so wipe down high-touch surfaces regularly with disinfectant wipes.

Spotless Car Showroom Cleaning with AK Building Services

Understanding customer-facing areas of influence for your business is not always simple. It’s a big job, but it becomes a lot easier when you partner with a commercial cleaning professional who already knows the business landscape – especially for car showroom cleaning. AK Building Services has provided a full range of janitorial services for more than 25 years. From simple day porter services and nightly cleaning to advanced floor care, emergency clean-up services, restoration treatments and everything in between, rely on the pros at AK Building Services to help keep your automotive dealership shining all the time.

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